Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 14, Issue 1, 2019 - Deleting the conjunction and keeping the conjunctive and the conjoined in in Arabic Grammar

Hebron University Research Journal



Deleting the conjunction and keeping the two other elements, i.e. the conjunctive and the conjoined was a controversial issue for ancient grammarians and syntacticions. It was used mainly to interpret a set of grammatical evidences and rules in a way that changes the meaning of the Arabic sentence including Quranic verses when the conjunction is deleted and/or rejected. Grammarians had their own excuses for deleting it, and those who rejected it had their own justifications, too. Nowadays, this controversial issue has been moderately tackled; modern scholars have not provided an adequate and a thorough conceptualization of the topic. They have not suggested clear-cut evidences for deleting the conjunction, strategies for grammarians to use, reasoning or justification for their stands or viewpoints concerning accepting or rejecting these justification, and finally the way this topic is to be researched.

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