Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 14, Issue 1, 2019 - Turkish National Police Academy: The organizational Structure and It’s Role in Training System of Turkish National Police

Hebron University Research Journal



This study aims to study the experience of the Turkish Police Academy in terms of organizational structure and training strategy, and the importance of the Academy in being the only institution of the Turkish police for human elements. The significance of the study stems from a security experience that has achieved significant successes in recent years, and this study explores the studying and analyzing of this experience to take it’s advantages, and address it’s weaknesses, when transferred to other countries. The researcher followed an analytical and descriptive approach to the institutional structure of the Academy and the network of relations governing its training system and its relations with the other security establishment. The researcher also benefited from the content analysis methodology in analyzing the curriculum and courses at the Police Academy. The primary sources of this study were the academic curricula scheduled for the period 2006-2018, as well as a collection of secondary sources of academic articles and books. The results of the study showed that the Turkish experience achieved a high degree of functional integration between officers and non-commissioned officers by providing a similar training dose, which reduces the information discrepancy between the two groups and achieves functional integration. The researcher recommends returning the training programs provided by the college to the previous college system, instead of the new system, which graduates the officer in only nine months, and considers it more capable of graduating qualified officers and sergeants to keep abreast of developments in criminology and security.

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