Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 13, Issue 2, 2018 - Moral self-awareness in the Holly Quran

Hebron University Research Journal

ISBN: 2074-1810
N°: 0
Year: 2018
Link: Link Moral self-awareness in the Holly Quran



This study is based on the study of moral self- awareness in the Holly Quran، through synethasiyzing and analyzing the verses that show a person's observation  of God internally, then analyzing these verses and drawing conclusions.

The study tries to answer the following questions:      

1- What  is meant by moral self-awareness، linguistically and contextually.

2-What are the features of moral self-awareness in the light of the Holly Quran?

3-How can a person be morally self-aware.

This study  uses the descriptive approach as well as synthetic and analytical approaches.   The study shows that the Holly Quran builds up the conscience of man   on observing God 's inside and outside ourselves. There are many verses that enhance strong internal morality without consideration of mere appearance.

All through the study of these verses، we see that Muslims should feel God inside themselves as if they see and hear Him، and this makes them avoid evil.

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