Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 13, Issue 2, 2018 - Effectiveness of Using Teaching Strategies in Developing Some Creative Reading Skills among Female Ninth Graders in Gaza

Hebron University Research Journal



The current study investigates the effectiveness of using teaching strategies in developing some creative reading skills for the female  ninth graders in Gaza Governorate. The strategies were: correlation، monitoring and perception. The researcher prepared a list of the creative reading skills that are required for females ninth graders. He also prepared a test for the creative reading skills. The teacher who implemented the experiment, was given the teacher’s guide prepared by the researcher. The guide clarifies how to use the suggested strategies. The sample of the study was 80 ninth graders from Al Rimal prep. School for girls. The sample divided into two groups (control and experimental). The experimental group was taught the reading texts from their book (Reading and texts) via the suggested strategies. The control group was taught by the normal approach. The study tools were applied on both groups. The results showed that the suggested teaching strategies were effective to improve the creative reading skills.

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