Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 13, Issue 2, 2018 - Al-`Asheer (Tribes), in the Mount of Nablus and their Administrative and Military Rule in the Ninth Century AH/ Fifteenth Century AD 802 -923 AH/ 1400-1516 AD

Hebron University Research Journal



This study deals with the families of  Al-`Asheer   in the Mount of  Nablus which was ruled by the al-Shāeikh of Al-`Asheer (Bedouins), and those who took over this post from them. It also explores the participation of the Shāeikhs and their tribes in the events, in particular, which occurred at the late Mamluk era. In addition، the research sheds light on the participation of Al-'Asheer tribes in the Mamluk state  wars against the Ottomans state and the  civil wars (Fitans) in the Levant or historical Syria (Bilaad Al-Sham). The research also focuses on the taxes imposed by the state on the tribes and the hardships faced by the state while collecting these taxes and recruiting the members of the tribes so as to participate in these wars in an attempt to reveal the consequences of such events.

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