Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 12, Issue 1, 2017 - Evaluation of the Communicative Activities Used in English for Palestine 7th Grade for Developing the Oral Skills

Hebron University Research Journal


This study analyzes the activities in English for Palestine 7th Grade textbook used in Palestinian schools to determine their ability to communicate. In other words, it aims to check whether or not the primary focus is on meaningful communication as opposed to linguistic forms. A rating scale (Marcella C. Martinez, 2010) was adapted to evaluate the activities based on the following criteria—understanding, purpose, information gap, spontaneity, and the use of authentic materials. The researchers used the method of content analysis to collect the data of the study. Results of the study showed that 75 out of the 331 were classified as activities that require students to communicate for the completion of the task. The ratings for the “understanding” variable were the highest of all. On the other hand, the ratings for the “authentic materials” and “spontaneity” variables were the lowest. Based on the results, the activities did not become more communicative as the book progressed. Findings of the study also showed that a great number of the activities do not conform to the theories of communicative language teaching which aim to develop students’ oral skills. Hence, the main focus of the activities in English for Palestine 7th Grade textbook is on teaching structures, vocabulary, and forms as opposed to having such functions carried out within a social context. The study suggested some recommendations for those involved in the process of teaching and learning in Palestine. 

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