Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 12, Issue 1, 2017 - Changes over Land Use in Hebron during (1997-2015) Using Aerial Images and GIS

Hebron University Research Journal


This research addresses the changes and development that occurred on the land-use-pattern in the city of Hebron over the period (1997-2015) using the classification of aerial images included in the GIS. These uses were projected on special maps to understand spaces and percentages occupied by each use during the period of the study, and to realize the changes that happened on such patterns and represent them cartographically. Based on this, the research depends on the descriptive, analytical, and cartographical methodologies. The research concluded with several outcomes; most notably stating that space lands received the highest percentage among different land uses in 1997 when it occupied 46.25% compared by 13.96% in 2015. Additionally, urban use came in the first place among other land use in Hebron in 2015 as its occupancy amounted to 25.88% compared by 16.97% in 1997. The researchers recommend the necessity of having special planning measures to regulate the lands use in the city and facilitate the urban development process.

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