Hebron University - College Strategy

Our mission  

In an age of technology and globalization the College of Arts strives to overcome geographical and knowledge boundaries with its all-inclusive programmes.  We aim to equip our students with the necessary skills and tools to enable them to constantly adopt new methods of teaching and practice.  



  • To communicate and know other civilizations through expansion and diversity in language teaching,
  • To develop our programmes in order to suit the continuous developments of our age and to meet the needs of the Palestinian society through our graduates who are able to get involved in various practical fields of life with a cultivated spirit and creative mind,
  • To develop students’ skills and talents which reflect their individual creativity and pave the way for them to explore new cultures,
  • To develop a responsible academic freedom and productive interaction,
  • To develop the spirit of research and investigation among students,
  • To establish close relations between the College and the local community by holding conferences, symposium, and specialized sessions.
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