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24111   Introduction to Physical Geography

This article deals with the Earth as a system open consists of four sub-systems are: atmospheric , water and rock , and vital , and discusses the key elements of each of these systems and the relations between them and the human role of the regulator in the sexy of the interactions between these systems , which shows the mutual influences between all of rights and the environment in different places and include scientific trips.

 24112   Introduction to Human Geography

This article deals with the human environment as a system consists of open systems in sub -Saharan Kalpaiat and rural and urban areas in developing and developed countries and the man is the linchpin of the subsystems interacting with him through the activities of economic, social , political, and include scientific trips.

24112   Introduction to the process maps and remote sensing

Article deals with types of maps and scales and methods of their use and watershed maps and symbols used and the study of the coordinates and the rules of the writing on the maps and then study and analysis of topographic maps and symbols and interpret and analyze the manifestations morphologies of topographic maps and graphic clips of contour maps accompanied by practical applications in the analysis of charts and then study thematic maps qualitative and quantitative maps charts . course focuses on sources of map data through measurements of flat space with an analytical application to all types of maps . The concept of remote sensing and definitions and the foundations of knowledge and remote sensing techniques and components of digital images with the techniques of aerial photography and satellite electromagnetic energy.

24221   Studies in Geography of Palestine and the Arab world

This course examines the geographical environment and the cultural and economic resources as a regional geographic and then assess the situation and developmental constraints in the Arab world and study the possibility of development at the moment with practical case studies on the development of the Arab states . Then study the site of Palestine and the geography of natural , economic and human , cultural and highlight the value of geographical Palestine and the study of the main problems faced by the Palestine as a problem of water, development and analysis of spatial relationships between Palestine and around and assess their impact on Palestine and the Palestinian community and includes material scientific trips inside the Palestinian territories.

24114   geographical readings in English

This course covers a selection of texts in English , where the geographical This course aims to strengthen the capacity of the student intake of linguistic geography texts to read and write

24222   foundations of geomorphology

This article looking origins and evolution of landforms and geomorphological processes and factors that are active and geomorphological study of shapes and output operations of local and regional . And its relation to the implementation of some engineering projects such as building dams and cities and roads and various human activities that affect the operations geomorphology include training students to take geomorphological measurements of the field.

24223   geography and population demographics

Teaching the principles of the population in terms of demographic characteristics and Tercibam social and economic with attention to the problems and issues of population and linked to the development and analysis of the theories different population and the study of the geographical distribution of the population in the regions and the various regions and analysis of population policies and their relationship to development and uses statistical analysis to understand relationships digital through training to collect demographic data and analyzed using Computer applications with Palestine.

24224    geographical thought and evolution

This course covers the evolution of geographical thought globally and regionally and the importance of geography as a science applied to serve and benefit the people , analyzing and organizing and planning the rehabilitation of the place as a home for humans , as well as the study of schools and theories and models and geographic generalizations.

24225   statistical analysis using geographic Computer

The study of the basic concepts in statistical or quantitative analysis and the use of statistical methods and computer in quantitative analysis with geographic applied to geographic phenomena in a given territory and students are trained on the use of statistical program . SPSS and thus give the student the skills to enter and analyze geographic data.

24226   foundations of economic geography

Looking at ways to invest human groups available natural resources and the development of these resources and the study of impediments to economic production in agriculture and industry, minerals , forests, pastures and the relationship of all this to the natural environment and the study of production, distribution and consumption of key commodities . And the study of the geographical location and its relationship to economic inputs of production is accompanied by an applied field study of some economic activities practiced by the population using quantitative methods in the region.

24227   foundations of GIS

Students learn the basics of the concept and principles of GIS hardware, software, human capacity and the historical development and the types of geographic information systems and the types of rules and requirements of GIS geographic information systems , and a case study of GIS applications on the geographical environment.

24228   foundations of geography and climate vital

The study of the nature of the atmosphere as a system and elements of climate Kalahaaa solar and terrestrial heat and atmospheric pressure , wind and fronts aerobic and cyclones , depressions and elevations air and moisture evaporation and condensation surface and upper and study classifications and climatic regions and the study of vegetation , soil, and their ratings and their uses and wildlife and regional classifications.

24229   Geographical and soil applications

This article deals with the study of varieties of soil , patterns and their spatial distribution and analysis of physical , chemical and determine how to take advantage of soil types in construction projects and engineering , economic, and train students in methods of analysis in laboratories, business trips and field visits to learn about the soils and the principles of the study of soil in the field and laboratory.

24230   Curriculum design and geographical research

Aims to familiarize students and train them on the assets of writing research reports and theses in the curriculum of geography different, and trained on all the steps of geographical research from choosing the topic and office work and field models and hypotheses and tested using several methods to measure and analyze the information and extract the results and ask the students to the work of discussions about the elements of scientific research.

24321   Applied Climatology and Hydrology

This article deals with the study of climatic elements fully and classifications of climate and training students on how to measurement , analysis and how to take advantage of the prevailing climate in agricultural operations , industry , construction , transportation, health , food, and identify human activity by positively and negatively , as well as cycle analysis of surface water and groundwater and the water balance and determine the needs for development planning spatial in community service and field trips include material and the impact of climate on human activity , location, and engineering and economic.

24322    Analysis and processing of aerial photographs and digital

Focuses on the basics of reading and interpretation of aerial photographs and on the design and reading and interpretation of digital maps of different production methods and try the application and analysis by computer software and focuses on aerial photographs and how to create various maps and derive information and various data where on the grounds it is a source of information of different geographical and will be done in the laboratory of geography.

24323   Applied Geomorphology

Includes material to study and analyze processes Djiomorvlogih and confusion caused by them and train students to conduct tests and measurements of field and the extent of the impact on construction projects and to identify the potential problems of spatial environmental impact on the activities of various human such as landslides and landslides to include material on field work and visits the scientific field and linked to environmental problems and economic , engineering, and find and propose solutions.

24324    analysis of the geographical area of urban and rural

Study patterns of human settlement and development in different geographical areas and the concept of rural space , elements and characteristics of the rural community and land ownership patterns and investment relationship with the city and countryside and shifts the rural area and the growth of non-traditional activities . As well as the emergence of cities and functional division of the cities and the situation of ordinal and civil order and handle shape and installation of the city in the light of the study of user of land and pattern of urbanization and is used aerial photographs and computer to understand the geographical area of urban planning for the development of the study and analysis of samples from the countryside and cities locally and globally.

24325    Applied Geography of Transport

The study of geographical factors applied and human impact on the development of transport and transport networks and study the history of transportation and the prospects for development of the future and focuses on the relationship between urbanization and transportation , as well as steps to assess the transport networks and their geographical distribution in all its forms and to train students in the use of statistical analysis and geographic information systems in the study of road networks and transportation planning her.

24326    Applied Industrial Geography

Studying the fundamentals of classification of industrial activity and factors endemic industrial and theories of industrial location and patterns of regional distribution for the industry as well as the industrial system and usage analysis of spatial and industrial approach synthetic environments in different civilizations , and the prospects for future development with the study of systems of industrial countries, developed and developing applications on the industry in Palestine by using geographic information systems and planning industrial areas.

24327    studies in political geography and Djiopoultica 

Definition of the importance of geopolitical factors in all its forms location, area , terrain , climate and water resources , population and economic resources in the strength and the weakness of the state and the study of the political problems arising on the bases of geographical and theories strategic geographical and applied in international politics , and analyze geopolitical Air and Space and the rivalry between world powers for control of the land and wealth and includes The course was held a seminar and discussion on a particular issue chosen by the department.

24328    geography and planning services

The course examines the types of public services and the concept of planning, public utilities , and its importance and its fields and its characteristics and functions and types of problems that are linked directly or indirectly. It also addresses the standards and elements that fall under this type of plan, then Kalmrahlh preliminary planning stages, and the analysis phase and prepare a plan of public utilities . The course focuses on field studies and applied, to prepare a model applied to the development plan and the distribution of public facilities in the local environment through field work for students.

24329    Regional Planning and applications

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of planning and its relationship to place and geographical location , and its importance in solving the problems of the communities . The course also aims to give students the skills and introduce them to the techniques used to conduct planning for optimal utilization of resources and capabilities available . The course includes the study of procedural steps , modeling and quantitative methods used in the planning process. The course also offers practical study of local and regional schemes evaluated and propose a solution to the problems caused by the abuse and the use of regional and geographical area down to the balanced development of parallel and spatially comprehensive course covers the type of cooperation with the institutions concerned.

24330     Organize and rehabilitation of the environment and the geographical area

Deals with the concept of organizing geographical area , the environment and the study of theories of land use in the fields of rural and urban , then the organization and rehabilitation of rural and urban , and charting guidelines sectoral and cross wide geographical area as a whole and the study of the environment in all its elements , and assess environmental problems and their impact and ways to address them with the help of maps Comprehensive Environmental and Remote Sensing The aerial photos and GIS applications with the study of urban planning , rural and environmentally balanced development with maps course includes flights and scientific visits in order to achieve the goal of course.

24331   Spatial planning policies and local Palestinian

This course examines the spatial planning policies adopted in the Palestinian institutions and development plans in all its sectors and patterns in the Palestinian territories with a discussion of case studies on the level of provinces , cities, and an evaluation of some models and local planning policies.

24421   Search out

A field study in depth the subject of a distinct choice section in order to deepen students' understanding of the phenomena of modern and contemporary geographical and ability to deepen practical training in the field of data collection and analysis and the establishment of the necessary maps where the cost of each student left the Advanced Search using geographic information systems.

24422    Geography and Development Planning

Article deals with the relationship between geography and planning and development and to highlight the contribution geographical planning and teaching of geography and modern trends in planning and includes material development concept , objectives and standards , strategies and elements contained in , and practical applications , and then the crisis of development and development thinking and development planning of cities and networks of transport and communications , agriculture and industry as models analytical application within the field of geographic.

24423   Spatial Analysis and Planning Economic and Social

This course provides students the capabilities of analytical about some of the topics of spatial using statistical analysis Advanced such as geo- medical focused on diseases caused by environmental biotechnology and health services through the perspective of geographic application ( spatial analysis ), and then study the concept of economic and social planning , objectives and stages of planning and implementation.

24424    resources survey and spatial development

Under this article to the importance of resources and the definition, then the ways and methods to be followed in the collection of data on natural and human resources , economic and building model inputs and outputs , and the implications of the exploitation of human resources and how they evolve and maintain them in the context of a systematic delicate and interdependent elements and students are trained on the inventory of the resources in all its forms in order to plan for balanced and sustainable development of these resources.

24425   geographical semi-arid lands and management

Study the land dry and semi-dry in terms of the factors posed and the factors affecting them and their components of natural and organic and their different characteristics and the foundations of classified and their geographical distribution and causes of soil degradation and its impact on human activity Economic and land use and evaluation , management and maintenance techniques of the problems of pollution and erosion , salinity and fertility and acidity .. Etc. and determine the dry lands and properties and how to manage them and their future evolution and its role in the development and application through GIS and field studies.

24426    Analysis and community planning and demographic

Analysis of trends in society spatial , urban development and planning strategies to him, the factors influencing it , indicators of urbanization housing development , industrial and transport network and study dimension demographic of the population and human development indicators and trends in population growth and finally the problems and solutions related to urbanization and population growth is balanced with development and policies to be followed towards that.

24427    land use planning

The course deals with the concept of planning uses the surface of the earth and the fields and the characteristics and problems that are connected to the land directly and indirectly , also addresses the elements that go into planning framework , land uses , such as the characteristics of the site, and the position and population , and human activity , then the steps and stages of planning, land use , after determining the overall objectives of planning . The course focuses on the field of applied studies , and applied to different models , taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the computer in this area and the work model diagram land uses.

24429    applications in GIS

An explanation of the key steps to create and build a project application in an environment of GIS comes to solving the problem list via the planning, implementation and management of the construction project practical in the government sector , private or industrial , starting with the construction of geospatial data and metadata for the project , and identify ways entered into the software used , processing and analysis and to preserve them and determine the outputs and maintenance, and then building management systems, databases spatial / geographic / descriptive models of retinal and Vector models and focus on practical applications for the recruitment of GIS software and various other software applications to assist in the project application.

24430   rationing GIS software

The aim of this course is to acquaint the student with tools storage metadata , quantity and technology integration between software and research tools , analysis and display as course aims to enable students to acquire the skill of using the application interface (GUI) as well as the ability to understand and use the relationships communication between the elements of a geographic information system (TOPOLOGICAL RELATIONSHIPS) .

24431   management and database design and geographic information systems

This course is designed to acquaint students with the basic principles necessary for programming languages ​​using a visual ( such as avenue, VB.Net) and includes the following topics: the basics of programming , definition screens , the use of different menus for programming and implementation , practical examples . This course focuses on the practical side to give the student the skills necessary to use a programming language and introduce students to the types of databases , in terms of organization , and how to collect data , and organizing computer databases attached to GIS programs.

24432    Remote sensing and automatic cartography

This course aims to give students the skill of using programs of remote sensing in the conduct of the patch geometric visualization of space and the production of maps , including by computer , the student learns to traditional methods of map-making and the role of maps in our daily lives and the importance of computers in geography and Bmno. maps and painter and scanner Introduction to Drawing maps and drawing tools and methods of writing and drawing raster -linear phenomena , spatial , and how to measure distances and areas with different forms of output at the end of the course map complete and that the application on one of drawing programs available on computers based on satellite and aerial images.

24433   Development Planning in the Arab world

This course is designed to identify patterns of development planning in the Arab world through the reality of development in the Arab countries and the policies in this particular population and development in all sectors and activities and making comparisons among countries in terms of development planning. The study of the economic indicators of development in these countries.

24434    implementation and management of projects by GIS

Article considering integration with geographic information systems, design tools and the establishment of the project application , identify requirements and design the ideal , or imaginary , and the design of the project database , and then conduct surveys to identify existing data and necessary.

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