Hebron University - Department of Media Studies


The Media Department represents a central pillar in the larger structure of Hebron University. It strives to achieve its ultimate goals in full participation and integration with other Hebron University departments, faculties and programs. It offers a bachelor's degree that successfully combines courses which belong to all the different branches of media in one plan, an aspect that makes this specialization unique when compared to other media departments at other Palestinian universities.

The Department plan is perceived as a unique one since it has managed to integrate the different media branches or sub-disciplines in one specialization.  Out of belief in the importance of media in modern times, as well as in the importance of meeting the needs of the community, the Media Department at Hebron University was launched in 2005.

The Department aims at graduating highly- skilled, qualified, and distinct graduates in order to boost professional performance among media graduates who may be able to make a real difference until  reaching the needed change in the society throughout serious and committed messages. In the first year, thirty students (30) were enrolled in the Department. The number doubled in subsequent years until it amounted to (120) students in 2008/ 2009. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the University has been providing all supplies, such as the highly- equipped laboratories necessary to graduate students who are armed with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.      


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