Hebron University - Department of Media Studies



Media Department at Hebron University seeks to become one of the leading media departments in Palestine and the region by adhering to the highest standards of education, international teaching quality and community service.



Believing  in the importance of media in the present time and in order to meet the needs of society, the media department grants bachelor degrees to professionals who are qualified scientifically, intellectually and practically by using modern media technology. The department aims to upgrade the level of the committed media performance and to make a real change in the level of performance of media institutions.



The department has set a number of objectives aimed at achieving its mission, including:

  • Striving for a scientific rooting of media science in order to promote the level of committed and serious media performance.
  • Preparation of scientific and intellectually qualified media competencies to serve media work and contribute to human civilization.
  • Serving the university in media by highlighting its activities, conferences, seminars and other scientific, cultural and social activities, and strengthening its links with media and civic institutions nationally and internationally.
  • Serving the media community by giving the issues of society the greatest attention through theoretical and applied research.
  • Encourage media studies, media research, conferences, seminars, workshops, and other scientific, cultural and media events.
  • Preparing distinguished media professionals who are scientifically and intellectually qualified to serve the media work and contribute to the development of Palestine.
  • Organizing specialized courses and programs for media workers to create media cadres capable of absorbing the latest developments in the arts of the media industry.
  • Production and dissemination of educational programs from various disciplines to serve the scientific process.
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