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Course Description

23217             Ancient History of the Arabs

This course is concerned with the homeland of the Arabs, their origin, and the meaning of the word Arab during al-Jahiliyyah era (meaning: ignorance of divine guidance in the pre-Islamic Arabia). The course also studies the geography of the Arabian Peninsula and its impact on the civilizations that were established there. It investigates the civilized activities of the Arabs at the economic, political, social and intellectual levels in some developed Arab societies, such as the ancient kingdoms of Yemen (Maeen, Saba (Sheba) and Himyar), Tadmur (Palmyra) the Nabataeans, the Ghassanids and Hijaz (Mecca, Medina, Taif). The course also studies the Bedouin communities in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula.

23315             History of the Abbasid State

This course deals with the call [for the Abbasid State]  in both phases: the secret and public, the role of the Arabs and Persians in the success of that call and in the transfer of the Caliphate to the Abbasids. The course also explores the most important intellectual and political currents, and the social as well as the economic conditions in the Abbasid era. Finally, the course examines the relationship between the Abbasids and the other contemporary forces, such as the Byzantine Empire, and the Umayyads in Andalusia.

23350             History of Europe in the Middle Ages

This course is a study of the both parts of the Romanian Empire: the Western and the Eastern, as well as the Germanic invasions against the Empire and their results. The course looks at the situation and spread of Christianity, the responses of the churches, the emergence of feudalism, and the conflict between secular and religious powers in Europe in the Middle Ages. The course also reflects on the Crusades. In the end, it investigates the arrival of the Normans and their role in the course of historical events.

23419             Modern and Contemporary History of the Arabs

This course covers the history of the Arab countries and peoples under the Ottoman rule at the political, social and economic levels. The course also investigates the Anglo-French conflict over the Arab World in Asia, Africa and the nationalist movements in the Arab countries. The course also explores the Arab countries in World Wars I and II and the impact of these wars on the Arab countries. Finally, the course examines the contemporary events experienced by the Arab States and the impact of these events on the cultural aspects of the Arab nations in general.

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