Hebron University - Department of Arabic Language & Literature


The Department of Arabic Language and Literature was established in 1980.  It was the first department to be launched in the College of Arts.  The Department offers a BA degree in Arabic Language and literature as well as an MA degree in the same field.  The Department also supervises another BA degree in the Arabic language and methods of teaching it.

The Arabic Department utilizes linguistic and literary study to implant the spirit of patriotism as well as the feelings of national and Islamic belonging among students.  It also aims at upgrading linguistic and literary knowledge combined with creative communication among students.  Thus, the Department continuously works on fulfilling the needs of the local market in general and those of the Ministry of Education in particular by preparing teachers who are knowledgeable about and proficient in the Arabic language.

The Arabic department provides its students with the chance to practice speaking Modern Standard Arabic and to deal efficiently with the books of Arab heritage in all cultural and knowledge domains.  The Department also strives to develop the students' capacity in functional as well as in creative and research writing, hence, encouraging students to utilize the tools that would keep them open to contemporary cultures.  

Out of interest in its students, the Department communicates with its graduates, offers them advice, and holds training sessions for them in domains they may need in their future careers.   The Department is also open on the local community specially the cultural institutions which exist in Palestine in general and in the Hebron Governorate in particular.  It cooperates with these institutions in spreading the Arab culture and in preserving the Arabic language and literature.  

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