Hebron University - Benefits

Graduation day may seem like the end of your time at Hebron University. In reality, it’s just the start of something new.

From the day you graduate, you become a member of Hebron University alumni community, giving you access to an exclusive range of benefits, services, and networking opportunities to help you make the most of life after University. We are always making sure that you will continue to experience many of the same benefits as if you are still a student.

- Your main compass for clear directions with the concerning connections

We act as a central contact point among you and your fellows from one side, and the university and other third parties from another side.

- Providing employment and internship opportunities

We, at Alumni Unit, are working hard to provide our students and graduates with employment and internship opportunities. We do offer these chances once it's available on our social media platforms. Also, we are teaming up with local and international public and private sectors to provide our Alumni with the opportunities suitable for their career growth plans.

- Giving you the consultations and advice

Because we care about you, we are ready to give you the consultations that you need regarding your career path; and linking you with professional career advisors and local and international mentors who will always assist you at any time.


We're always working hard to expand the services we offer, so don't forget to check back every so often for new opportunities.


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