Hebron University - About us

Who we are?

We, the Alumni Unit team at Hebron University,  are here to Inspire and achieve leadership and excellence through constant, active and continuous communication with university graduates and maintain links with the labor market for their benefit. We are also dedicated to help our graduates create valuable relationships with the outside world; in addition to providing more than 20,000 HU alumni with specialized programs to build and flourish their careers. Actually, this is the vision we have adopted to keep pace with the ongoing development, as we  strive to meet the needs of the local community for qualified graduates.

In order to achieve our vision, We inspire and cultivate meaningful engagement through establishing, maintaining and strengthening mutually beneficial alumni relations with the university after graduation through constant communication and targeted services. We also aim to enrich the lives of our grads and build support among them so all alumni can benefit from, and contribute to, Hebron University’s achievements and ambitions. we are also keen to reinforce our graduates in line with the labor market, specifically the Palestinian market in a way that guarantees them good jobs through which they can gain experience. Not only that, but our mission is to provide them with the skills that help to achieve their aspirations and increase their accomplishments.

We are proud of our graduates and always willing to do our best to see them succeed. At any time, we are ready to hear your success and memories of life at Hebron University. As an Alumni unit, our priority is to support you hand by hand for a better future.


Who we serve?

The Alumni Unit at Hebron University was founded mainly for graduates who we are delighted to always serve as we deem them our main focus and attention. Alumni unit also serves senior year students before they graduate through assessing their needs and acting accordingly within the available resources and opportunities.

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