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Course Description

53101    Rural Development

Study of the different rural societies. Their movements, natures and types. Rural organization. The possibility of developing the rural societies. The local rural societies.

53232    Statistics And Experimental Design

Introduction to basic methods of accounting and to the general principles of mathematics. The researcher’s problem, the elements of chance, steps in experimentation, the normal distribution, means, standard deviation, sampling from a normal distribution, statistical hypothesis and tests of significance, the analysis of variance and their tests, the completely randomization design, split; plot; and block designs, and the Latin square design.

53211    Principles Of Agricultural Economics 

Introduction to basic methods of accounting and to the general principles of mathematics. Basic economic concepts and principles. Input – output relations. Agricultural production function, law of diminishing returns, agricultural production relations, costs of the production, supply and demand and their laws.

53214     Farm Management 

Introducing the basic principles of agricultural economics which is needed by farm management. Basic concepts of farm management. Application of economic principles to farm management, planning, decision making process, production theory, costs and balance sheets, linear programming and farm budget. Risk and uncertainty in agriculture.

53223    Agricultural Cooperation 

The principles of agricultural economics related to agricultural cooperation. History and development of cooperative movements organization, nature and types of cooperatives. Experiences of some countries. History and development of cooperative movements in Palestine.

53225    Food Security 

Introduction to some basics of agricultural economics related to food security. Definition of Food security. The Importance of storage and the decision making process. The system of food security and its relation on local, individual, and notional levels. The different polices of food security. The organization that works on food security.

53231     Agricultural Marketing 

The principles of agricultural economics related to marketing. Principles of marketing. Marketing functions and services. Demand, supply and price of farm products under perfectly competitive market. Marketing organizations. Marketing channels and structure. Marketing cost and Bargaining power.

53336     Agricultural Finance 

Basics of agricultural economics related to finance. Role of finances and credit in agricultural developments. Theory of financial management, capital resources and allocation. Evaluating capital investment, loan interest rate, repayment terms, and loan security.

53212*     Computer Applications In Agriculture 

It is a general course designed for students of the College of Agriculture dealing with the operation of computers and their applications to agricultural and environmental systems. Students obtain hands-on experience with the following software types of: word-processing, electronic spreadsheet, database management, equation solver, on-line information systems and presentation graphics.

53221     Economic Thought 

Study of the historical development of the economics and knowing the different economic schools.

53122    Principles Of Agricultural Extension 

This course is instructed in Arabic. It includes the study of the Agricultural Extension and how does the extension increase the productivity. Education among farmers. History, philosophy, basic principles of developing, implementing, and evaluation of extension programs. Applications for that. Agricultural extension in Palestine, history, organizations, and objectives.

53371    Food Economic Consumption 

Application of economic theories to field of food production and consumption. Supply and demand of food consumption. Food consumption patterns. Formulate food balance sheet and program.

53426    Analysis Of Agricultural Prices 

The study of price theory. The role of the prices in agricultural development. The analysis of the prices and the consumer wills. The study of the marginal utility and demand consumer curve. The study of the demand law and supply law and the analysis of the elasticity and the curves supply and demand.

53332    Agricultural Production Economics 

Economics principles applied to agricultural production, agricultural economic resources, principles of specialization in agricultural production, principles of comparative advantages, economic of scale and application of mathematical economics.

53324    Economic Resources 

The study of the agricultural natural resources (the people, the water, the agricultural lands, the ranges, the animal husbandry and fish). The study of how to use these resources in better economic ways.

53533    Economics Of Animal Production 

Application of economic theories to livestock activity production and costs functions. Supply and demand for animal products. Management and evaluation of animal projects.

53535    Land Economics 

Defining the agricultural soil and its contents. The land grades. The use of the agricultural lands. The lands reclamation. The agricultural properties for lands. The applications of the economic theories on the agricultural land. The functions of production, demand, and supply of the lands.

53391    Seminar In Agricultural Economics 

Discussing, voting and representing current topics in agricultural economics and extension.

53427    Agriculture And Economic Development 

Theories of economic development. The role of agriculture sector in different development strategies. And economic development experiences in some countries with emphasis in Palestine and Arab World.

53533    Agricultural Accounting 

Aims to know how to organize the farm record and accounting. Budgets analysis, losses and benefits, and loans for farmers. The different kinds of records. Depreciation. Ratio analysis and national accountings.

53434    Agricultural Policy 

The preparing of the agricultural policies and plans. Treat Macro and Microeconomics problems using mathematical, statistical and economical approaches. Formulating policies and plans and evaluation the policies.

53537    Gathering And Analyzing Agricultural Data 

Define the population. Estimate production and areas by sampling. Formulate questionnaires and information. Field works.

53345    Rural Societies 

Study of the different rural societies. Their movements, natures and types. Rural organization. The possibility of developing the rural societies. The local rural societies.

53552    Project In Agricultural Economics 

The Student will prepare a project in the fields of Agricultural

Economics. Train the students on computer programs that are related to agricultural economics, and train them also on the different machines that are used by the agricultural economists.

53438    Economic and Agricultural Analysis 

Study the economic analysis of the agricultural national projects, and to help the students to identify national agricultural goals related to national development. Plans, design, and prepare developments projects to achieve these goals.

53436    Current Economic Problems 

The study of the recent economic problems and how they grow. The economic solutions of these problems.

53544    Agricultural Projects Evaluation 

Project definition, plans and properties. Aspects of project preparation and analysis. The project cycle and problems of project analysis. Identification project cost and benefits. Measures of project worth and case study.

53571    Special Topics In Agricultural Economics 

Study of different topics, which are chosen by the instructor. These topics are related to studies of agricultural economics and extension.

53464    Agriculture In Arab World 

The natural and agricultural resources in the Arab world. Evaluation of production capacity of each Arabic country. Volume and types of production and consumption. Agriculture development projects and strategies for food security and agriculture.

53595    Research In Agricultural Economics 

Research deals with topic about agricultural economics and extension. This research is scientific which define the problem, discuss it, and find the suitable solutions for it.  

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