Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 7, 2017 - Effect of Pre-Heating on the Surface Tension of NaCl Solutions

Hebron University Research Journal

ISSN: 2074-1510
N°: 0
Year: 2017
Link: Link Surface tension, sodium chloride solutions


Written by Hebron University

Surface tension of aqueous sodium chloride solutions has been measured in the concentration range 0M £CNaCl £3M by the Du Nouy ring method. The surface tension of the NaCl solutions increases linearly with increasing salt concentration in good agreement with reported results. Without pre-heating- the NaCl solid sample to 520 oC- the surface tension displays a time dependent at a concentration of the 3 M. With pre-heating- the sample at the mentioned temperature- the surface tension stays constant with time du to removal of impurities. This simple experiment indicates the importance of heating in the measurement of surface tension of salt solutions. 

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