Hebron University Journal - Hebron University Journal for Research - Volume 7, 2017 - Genetic Variation of ABO and Rh(D) Blood Groups Polymorphism among Marginalized People and Tribesmen in Sana'a Capital of Yemen

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Genetic polymorphic characteristics like ABO and Rh blood groups are widely used genetic markers in human population genetics.  This study was conducted to determine and compare the frequency of ABO and Rh(D) blood group antigens among Al-Muhamasheen and Yemeni Tribesmen.

  Frequencies of ABO blood groups and Rh(D) types along with the respective gene frequencies were estimated in two study groups. 818 individuals belonging to Muhammasheen and 838 individuals Tribesmen from Sana'a city participated in the study. Blood samples were collected by finger-prick method. Frequencies of ABO groups in Al-Muhamasheen groups showed that the most common blood groups were found to be group O , B and A with 426(52%), 196(24%),  and 131(17%) respectively. The least common blood group was AB group [65(8%)]. The overall picture of phenotypic frequencies of ABO blood groups is O>B>A>AB. While in Tribesmen the most common blood group was found to be group O 444(53%), followed by group A295 (35%), and group B79 (9%). The least common blood group was AB group [20(3%)].Frequencies of ABO groups in the Tribesmen group showed O> A > B >AB.

The distribution of allele frequencies among Al-Muhamasheen is allele, O (r) is observed with the highest frequency (0.700897) then B(q) (0.172675) and A(p) (0.126429). While in Tribesmen allele O (r) is observed with the highest frequency (0.728918) then A(p) (0.210121) and B(q) (0.060961). Both study groups also showed >92% frequency of the Rh(D)  Positive phenotype.The researcher concluded that the frequencies of ABO and Rh phenotypes in Al-Muhamasheen are similar to those reported from most areas in the south India and south-east Asia region. 

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