Health Awareness Day at Hebron University

Under the auspices of the Chairman of Board of Trustees Dr. Nabil El-Jabari, the College of Nursing organized a health awareness day for the University students and employees on Tharsday 24/11/2016. Dr. Salah Al-Zaro, the President of Hebron University, opened the event in the presence of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Mai Maghatheh, Vice President for Administrative Affairs Mr. Mohammad Zaid El-Jabari, Dr. Hussein Jabareen, Dean of College and some deans and directors, in addition to community and public health organizations (Patient’s Friends Society-Jerusalem and Al-Shorooq Group, The Palestinian Medical Relief Society, The Diabetic Program of UNRWA, The Mobile Clinic of Augusta Victoria Hospital, and Union of Health Work Committees).
The day included many corners and activities of health awareness and education, distribution of health promotion leaflets, and conducting laboratory and health tests such as blood sugar, diabetic foot, blood groups, blood pressure, vision screening and weight with Body Mass and Index x-ray mammography.