A delegation of Ambassadors and Consuls of Latin America visits the university

A delegation of ambassadors and consuls from several Latin American countries - represented by Chile Ambassador Francisco J. Bernales, the Representative of Mexico, Sergio Sierra-Bernal, the Ecuador Acting Ambassador Luis Arellano JibaJa ,  Brazil First Secretary Leandro Vieira Silva,  and the Representative of  Argentina Rodrego Lopez Gadono - paid a visit to Hebron University. Dr. Nabil El-Jabari, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the university president Dr. Salah El-Zaro and several members of staff received the guests. Dr. El-Jabari stressed the deep relationship between the Palestinian community and Latin America as a whole and he spoke about the obstacles the University encounters under occupation.

Dr. Salah El-Zaro outlined the various academic and technical fields offered by the university and stated that the university strives to establish a medical college.
The delegation welcomed all means of cooperation with the university. They stated that there are ample opportunities for the expansion of business and educational cooperation in the future.

The delegation toured the University buildings, laboratories and colleges and expressed their admiration with what they saw.