Dr Al-Jabari receives in his office the president and the administrative body members of Friends of Martyr Association in Palestine

Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari received in his Office a delegation from Friends of Martyr Association in Palestine represented by its president Mr. Ziad Al-Fakhouri and its members:  Mrs. Amal Al-Jubeh , Mr. Jamal Al-Takrouri and Mr. Mohammed Barakat Abu Munshar.

The President of the Association thanked Dr Al-Jabari on his active and benevolent role in supporting the families of martyrs and offering all the educational opportunities available for them, in addition to his deep interest in supporting all sectors of Palestinian society along with his constant and close communication with his people.

Dr. Al-Jabari thanked the delegation stressing that this is his duty towards his people and the least to be done to the families of martyrs.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation presented a shield for Dr. Al-Jabari for the great efforts he spends in serving land and man.