Third Annual Meeting of College of Science Graduates Employment Day at University

Under the auspices of Dr. Nabil al-Jabari, Chairman of Board of Trustees, College of Science and Technology, in cooperation with Hebron University Industry-Linkage Unit conducted the third meeting for College of Science and Technology graduates (Employment Day), in the presence of Dr. Salah al-Zarou, University President, vice presidents, deans of colleges, staff members, Mr. Rami Mahdawi, Director of Operations at Ministry of Labor, and more than 35 directors and representatives of private and public sectors in Hebron, in addition to a large number of students and graduates from the College of Science.

The meeting was opened by Dr. Salah al-Zarou, University President, who transferred greetings of Dr. Nabil al-Jabari. After that, he welcomed all participants expressing all exerted efforts from the companies and participants so as to make this national employment day a success. He stressed that, entrepreneurship contributes effectively improving students' abilities competing in the labor market. He urged students and graduates to interact with the Alumni unit at the university. 

Then, Dr. Nabil Hasasneh, Dean of College of Science and Technology, presented a detailed presentation on the mission and vision of the college, in addition to the programs offered at the BA and MA levels. He stated that the college is keen to upgrade its programs so that it can cope up with international standards. Dr. Hasaneh indicated that the college is eager to follow up on its graduates and train them to acquire the needed skills to engage in the labor market, locally, regionally, and internationally. Success stories for a number of graduates were presented.

Mr. Rami Mahdawi, Director of Operations at Ministry of Labor, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Hebron University hosting this meeting. He talked about the high percentage of unemployment in the community and dwelled on the policies and achievements of the Ministry of Labor to reduce unemployment in the Palestinian community.

Student Razan al-Natshe delivered graduates' speech in which she discussed some obstacles that faces graduates from the Palestinian universities, in addition to the lack of employment opportunities. She called upon competent parties to start solving this issues. Maryam Shabane presented her success story, as a graduate of Hebron University, through her experience establishing a personal entrepreneurship project to produce cosmetics. 

Dr. Fahid al-Takrouri, Director of Hebron University Industry-Linkage Unit delivered a presentation on the objectives of the unit that include linking academicians at the university with private sector institutions. In addition to the unit's work in the field of training graduates. It is worth mentioning that, the unit was established and is being supported by STEP Project financed by the EU.

Following the official opening, the university president and the participants went on a field tour to the places and offices designated for companies and institutions participating in the employment dat.

A number of lectures and symposiums were held during the meeting to develop students' skills. Dr. Nabil al-Jondi delivered a presentation on how to conduct a personal interview in terms of instructions and advice need to be followed in this field.

Mr. Ayman al-Laham, Director of University Relations Sector at al-Ruwwad Training Academy in Jordan delivered a lecture titled: "From the university to the market" through the web-conference from Jordan. He indicated the importance of acquiring graduates numerous skills such as English Language, presentation skills, and techniques of writing a CV. After that, Dr. Muhannad al-Jazzar presented a lecture on how to write a CV.    

At the end of the day, a meeting was held in the presence of all companies and institutions participating in the employment day to discuss means of mutual cooperation in the future.