Chairman of Board of Trustees Receives Minister of Agriculture

Dr. Nabil al-Jabari, Chairman of Board of Trustees receives in his office, His Excellency, Dr. Sufiya Sultan, Minister of Agriculture, and a delegation from the Ministry, in the presence of Dr. Salah al-Zarou, HU President, Dr. Ayed Salama, Dean of College of Agriculture, and a number of teaching staff at the college.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Nabil al-Jabari welcomed Dr. Sultan and the delegation and praised the role of His Excellency in developing the agricultural sector in his capacity as the Minister. He also asserted HU keenness to communicate and cooperate with the minister in all matter that serve the Palestinians and the Palestinian case.

In his turn, His Excellency Dr. Sultan expressed his deep appreciation and pleasure visiting the University since he is one the founders of the College of Agriculture. He valued the efforts of His Excellency late Sheick Mohammad Ali Jabari and Dr. Nabil supporting students to continue their university education. He also reviewed the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture developing the agricultural sector through cooperating with all concerned parties at the top of which is Hebron University. In addition to the exerted efforts to develop the National Center for Agricultural Research in cooperation with Agricultural College at Palestinian universities, he added.

The minister will exert all efforts needed to cooperate with Hebron University to implement the development plans in the academic fields in addition to agricultural scientific research through potentials of the college of Agriculture at Hebron University.
Both parties tackled means of joint cooperation between the university and the ministry in all fields. At the end of the visit, the delegation toured the university and visited the Media Center and Radio Alam.