Prison Visits by Hebron University Legal Clinics

In cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, Police and Prison Departments, and in the context of the rights awareness program runs by Hebron University legal clinics, a group of students from the College of Law and Political Science organized an education campaign that targeted detainees and prisoners in the district of Hebron, Palestine. The purpose of the campaign was to raise the community’s awareness on the rights of those incarcerated, starting from the moment of arrest, interrogation by the police or prosecution, and the rights to be enjoyed during the deprivation of liberty (detention or imprisonment), and the duties that should be safeguarded by the police and prison officials in accordance with Palestinian law as well as international standards as reflected, for example, in the international human rights conventions that the State of Palestine has recently acceded to. Students distributed a publication titled “I am a Prisoner, but I Have Rights”. In the first visit, students went to “Junaid Police Station” in the city of Hebron, while in the second they interviewed detainees at “Castle Detention Center” in the city.
The program was carried out by three female students of the Hebron legal clinics: Hala Masri, Majdolien Amr, and Sabrin Sabarneh, under the supervision of the clinical staff, in a direct coordination with the Hebron District Police Department.