College of Agriculture Held an Educational Awareness Symposium

Nutrition Student Assembly at the College of Agriculture have organized an educational awareness symposium on nutrition and cancer in the presence of HU President, Dr. Salah Al-Zaro, and the Dean of the College of Agriculture, Dr. Ayed Salameh.

The symposium was opened by the Chairperson of the Department of Nutrition and Food Technology, Dr. Sabri Zughayyer who welcomed the attendees and briefed them about the Assembly and their accomplishments.
Ms. Muna Irziqat, a cancer survivor, talked about her experience with the disease and stressed the importance of psychological support and proper nutrition in overcoming such a disease. The symposium included a series of lectures related to cancer and nutrition. They were delivered by a group of specialists in the field from medical institutions. Dr. Nidal Al-Jibrini from Beit Jala Governmental Hospital talked about "The Reality of Cancer in Palestine." Fatima Hamidah, a therapeutic feeding specialist, delivered also a lecture about "The Role of Healthy Food and Nutrition in Cancer Control."

The symposium, which included an entertaining theatrical performance by Bibasatah Group, was attended by a large number of women who survived cancer, members of Al-Shouruq Group of the Patient’s Friends Society-Jerusalem, as well as a large number of HU professors and students.