Coordinator of Hebron University Legal Clinics Concludes a Study Tour to Three US Universities

For the purpose of learning from global experiences and exchange of expertise on clinical legal education, Mr. Hendam Rjoub, Hebron University (HU) Legal Clinics Coordinator has concluded a study visit to three law schools in the United States: Washington & Lee University (W&L) in Lexington, Virginia, American University in Washington DC, and University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
Rjoub's visit included a four-week residency at W&L legal clinics as part of a cooperation program with HU. During his residency, Rjoub gave two lectures to W&L faculty on Hebron specialized clinical programs as well as on the applicability of international treaties in Palestinian legal system. He participated in several dialogues with students on US and Palestinian clinics. At the American University, he interacted with students and professors of two clinics: international human rights law clinic and migration clinic.
The cooperation program between HU and W&L clinics has begun three years ago through a joint clinical course taught via video-conference, by Prof. Speedy Rice of W&L and Dr. Mutaz Qafisheh, Dean of HU College of Law and Political Science. The joint program focuses this semester on the application of international conventions on the use of force during arrest, investigation and detention by law enforcement officials and the prevention of torture. Students of W&L will visit HU later this semester to learn about Palestinian legal education, to apply what has been studied during the semester, conduct joint moot courts between the two universities on American and Palestinian systems, and organize a number of workshops.
It is to be noted that HU legal clinics started in 2011 through one clinic in order to achieve two objectives: training law students on practical issues before graduation, and to provide pro bono legal assistance to marginalized groups. HU clinical programs now include ten specialized clinics: Labor Law Clinic, Right to Housing Clinic, Academic Freedoms Clinic, Anti-Violence Clinic, Family Law Clinic, Human Rights Clinic, Women Rights Clinic, Street Law Clinic (public awareness), Juvenile Justice Clinic, besides the main clinic in which students offer legal advice and representation.