Hebron University Receives Delegation from Al-Ahli Club

Dr.Nabil Al-Jabari, Chairman of HU Board of Trustees, received a delegation from Al-Ahli Club headed by Mr. Kiafh El-Sharif, President of Board of Directors, Mr. Said Jabari, former president, Mr. Abd Al-Muttalib Sharif, Executive manager, and other officials from the club.

The delegation was welcomed by Dr. Al-Jabari who in turn congratulated them for winning the Cup of Palestine in Football. He also pointed to the efforts of players and administrative which seek to raise up the Palestinian name. Besides, Dr. Al-Jabari underscored the importance of the Palestinian unity, stressing that Hebron city achieved -and continues to achieve- many successes at the local and national levels.

In his turn, Mr. El-Sharif expressed his appreciation of Dr.Nabil's role improving the university. He mentioned especially Hebron university spa that is considered the best in Palestine. Dr. Nabil deserves to have this cup to appreciate his efforts, Mr. El-Sharif added. He also talked about the achievements of Al-Ahli Club throughout the history. 

At the end of meeting, Dr. Nabil expressed his thankfulness to Al-Ahli Club for gifting their cup to Hebron University, and he also wished Al-Ahli to win other cups in other competitions.