CASS Business School MBA students, City University London Visit Hebron University

The University welcomed the students who were visiting as part of their elective course ‘Innovation and Technology.  Dr. Samir Abu Znaid, Dean of College of Business Administration, Dr. Nabil Hasasneh, Dean of College of Science and Technology Mr. Mohammad Ghazi Herbawi, Head of Hebron Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Leena Abed Rabbo, a HU MBA student and Dr. May Maghathe, Board Member of the Palestine-British Society all presented at the meeting on campus.  Local business personalities and HU MBA students were also in attendance.

Prof. Stephan Heafliger, CASS Business School thanked HU for the great hospitality. He stressed the importance of academic cooperation between both universities so as to deepen and strengthen the relations between Palestinian and British universities. CASS is committed to providing a scholarship for a MBA student Mr. Mohammad Nafith Herbawi, Head of Businessmen Forum, talked about the important role Hebron University plays in graduating students to develop the job market. He mentioned the difficulties that face Palestinian institutions and the Palestinian economy, and discussed several solutions to overcome them.

At the end of the visit, both universities discussed future plans to continue the CASS-HU cooperation and we hope to welcome more staff and students in 2016.