Al-Jabari Visits Old City of Hebron

Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari, Chairman of Board of Trustees, visited the Legislation Court Building in Old City of Hebron where he was received and welcomed by the Judge of the court Sheikh Amjad Dweik who provided a brief presentation of the services the court offers to the local community, showing the difficulties employees and clients face due to the continued harassments by the Israeli soldiers and settlers in the area.

He also extolled the attitudes of Al-Jabari towards the Palestinian issue and serving the Palestinian community, urging Hebron University to help increase youth awareness about marriage, pointing that most divorce cases are caused by reasons prior to marriage. He then thanked Hebron University for serving the community on national and academic level.

In his turn, Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari thanked Sheikh Dweik for the warm welcome. He assured that the university would continue bearing its social responsibility towards the community including limiting divorce, mentioning that the university always arranges awareness activities, lectures and sessions related to this trend and other social problems from time to time. He also saluted residents of the Old City, praising their firm steadfastness and unity.

After that, Dr. Nabil visited the Abrahm Mosque where he met some employees who talked about the nature of their work and the obstacles they face because of the Israeli control over the mosque. At the end of his visit, he performed Dhohr prayer with other visitors and local worshippers who talked about their suffering in the Old City. He finally called on strengthening steadfastness of the Palestinian residents of the Old City of Hebron by providing in kind and financial support to face all the challenges by the Israelis, considering the Palestinian issue a priority for all Arabs and Muslims.