Hebron University 40th Graduation Ceremony

On Wednesday, Hebron University celebrated the 40th Graduation Ceremony for students of Bachelor and Master degrees in the presence of Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari, University's Chairman of the Board of Trustees, members of the Board, Prof. Ahmad Atawneh, University President, Mr. Kamel Hmaid, Governor of Hebron, Hebron University faculty and staff members, representatives of institutions and organizations, mayors and a huge crowd.

The ceremony began amidst a warm applause from the guests with the entry of the graduates' procession led by the University Scouts, and followed by the procession of the faculty, University President and members of the Board of Trustees. The ceremony started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the Palestinian National Anthem. 

To view graduates names in Arabic, click the link below: 

graduates names in Arabic