Dr. Al-Jabari Receives a Delegation from Palestine Polytechnic University


Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari, Chairman of Board of Trustees, the Supreme President of Hebron University, received in his office a delegation from Palestine Polytechnic University. The delegation includes Dr. Emad Al-Khatib, PPU President, Dr. Mustafa Abu Safa, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Amjad Barham, Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Eng. Ayman Sultan, Vice President for Community Affairs, and Mr. Yousef Salah, Director of President's office. The delegation was welcomed by Prof. Ahmad Atawneh, President of Hebron University, and Dr. Musa Ajwa, Head of Employees Union.

At the very outset, Dr. Al-Jabari welcomed the delegation and praised the complementary relation between both universities. He called for the real cooperation between the Palestinian universities in order to nurture a Palestinian generation able to bear responsibilities and commitments. Dr. Nabil also asserted that Hebron University is always available to extend the helping hand to all Palestinians who wish to continue their university education, and expressed the necessity of having mutual projects between the two universities.

In his turn, Dr. Emad Al-Khatib thanked Hebron University for the great hospitality and praised the efforts of both universities enhancing the friendly relations between them.

On the sidelines of the visit, both sides discussed the ways of developing university education in Palestine and the importance of complementary relations between the academic institutions so as to reach the desired objectives.