Hebron University Organizes Cancer Awareness Day


Under the motto of "Maximize Your Life", Hebron University, in cooperation with Patients' Friends Society – Jerusalem, organized an awareness campaign about the effective prevention and early diagnosis of Cancer.

The campaign started by a lecture about cancer delivered by Ms. Nima Manasra, Lecturer in the Faculty of Nursing at Hebron University, in which she gave an overview of the disease, its causes, and the ways of prevention especially after the rapid increase of the infected persons.

In the same context, Ms. Suhaila Qarain, Projects Director at Patients' Friends Society, clarified the general challenges of Cancer represented in is the society's look towards this disease. She expressed the support of al-Shorooq Group presented in disseminating such campaign through social media, leaflets, and other methods. At the end of her speech, she thanked Hebron University for supporting and sponsoring such activities.

The meeting also included presentations delivered by some of the cancer survivors who are also members of al-Shorooq Group. Ms. Muna Irziqat and Ms. Amira Fatafta expressed the importance of strong willingness and determination of the cure.

The event was concluded by a comic play about cancer titled "Hadak al-Marad –That Disease" directed by Mr. Bilal Abdallah and performed by a group of students from University theater.

In a continuation of the campaign, a group of students from the Department of Food Production organized the initiative of "Because your Health Matters replace you cigarette by an Apple". This initiative aims at helping people quit smoking which is one of the main causes of cancer.

A large number of feminine sector representatives, teachers, and students attended the event.