Hebron University Presents Scientific Paper at Swiss Universities


Based on a formal invitation by Prof. Luis De Saussure, Professor of Applied Language at Universities of Neuchatel and Geneva, Prof. Hebron University President Prof. Ahmad Al-Atawneh visited both universities and delivered a lecture to MA students and instructors in the Faculty of Arts in both universities. The lecture revolves around analyzing the political speech in the Palestinian-Israeli struggle. In addition, the focal point of Prof. Atawneh’s paper was the analysis of speeches delivered by Israeli and Palestinian leaders at the time of crisis.

The paper tackled the language of hatred, threat, and malice moved by Zionist ideologies against the language of condemnation used in Palestinian speeches moved by the ideology of self-defense against power. Analysis shows the factor of power for the Israeli side and the factor of weakness in the Palestinian one at the time of these factors affect the formation of political speech.