Hebron University Organizes a Theatrical Performance of "The Will"


The Department of English at Hebron University organized a theatrical performance entitled "The Will" that is based on Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice, in the presence of University President, deans of faculties, faculty members, students and some of the participants' families.

Prof. Ahmad Atawneh welcomed the audience and thanked the organizers of this event. He also conveyed the greetings of Dr. Nabil Al-Jabari, Chairman of Board of Trustees, who always works on supporting the development of all activities that come side-by-side with the academic work in the university.  

Dr. Raghad Dwak, Head of English Department, praised the efforts of the English Department enhancing theatrical skills that are taken from scholars and writers. Dr. Dwaik also thanked students' families for their support in such activities that help to shape students' personalities to the better in both academic and practical life.

Mr. Basim Al-Sahib, Director of the Play, expressed his pleasure and happiness of this achievement that leads students to the first steps of success.

At the end of the performance, the English Department honored those in charge of this theatrical work including, Dr. Salah Shrouf, Dr. Raghad Dwaik, Mr. Basim Al-Sahib, and Mr. Abd El-Karim Haddad. In addition, certificates were presented to all students who participated in the performance.