Hebron University Shows the Film: Awladi Habaybi ( My Children, My love) within Shashat 9th Women Festival in Palestine


Hebron University showed the short film " Awladi Habaybi" in the presence of the film's director, Fadia Salah Al- deen. The film revolves around the figure of Rudaina Abu Jarad who faced a lot of objection from her family and community when she decided to have a child, claiming that she doesn't have the right to become pregnant because of her condition. She affirmed her right to become a mother, in spite of all objections.

Showing the film came in the framework of joint cooperation between Hebron University an Shashat Institution within the 9th Women Film Festival in Palestine funded by the EU and Heinrich Boll foundation. The film was shown in the presence of Dr. Said Shaheen, Chair of Media Department, along with a large number of staff members and students from the university.

At the end of the show discussion opened for the audience regarding the way of addressing the idea and followed methodologies.

Dr. Said Shaheen Thanked Fadia Salah Al- Deen, the director of the film and Shashat institution hoping the will take all points into consideration to get what is the best in the production of documentary films that embody the issues of our Palestinian society.