Conclusion of the Activities of the Excellence and Pioneering Summer Camp at Hebron University

Conclusion of the Activities of the Excellence and Pioneering Summer Camp at Hebron University


Under the patronage of Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari the activities of the  Excellence and Pioneering Summer Camp  at Hebron University were concluded  with the  presence of Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh  the President of the University , a number  of  the ddeans of the faculties , the teaching staff a the University and the students participating  in the Camp.

At the beginning of the celebration, Prof. Dr.  The University President talked about the importance of the Camp in developing thinking and creative skills among the participating students, giving the opportunity for the student to get acquainted with university education, acquiring the skills of self-instruction and self-dependence. In his speech he also emphasized the distinction of the Camp activities through the variety of scientific and practical topics in which the participating students were trained.

Then Dr. Nabil Hasasneh, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology talked. He thanked Dr. Nabil Al-Ja’abari chairman of the Board of Trustees for his patronage of the Summer Camp in addition to his patronage of the distinguished students. He talked about the topics in which the students were trained during the past three weeks. The topics included  many scientific, educational and entertainment  activities such as  creative thinking activities , secrets of excellence and distinction, practical scientific  experiments in  the chemistry and biology laboratories, experiments in anatomy, topics in mathematics, e-learning, topic s in designing web pages, using the smart interactive pad in presentations, topics in  the English and French languages, topics in renewable energy, skills of using the library, in addition scientific   topics in  the pharmacy specialization , the nursing specialization, and in the domain of agriculture and food processing.  There were a number of athletic activities in the Summer Camp, teaching the principles of drawing, teaching photography and other activities which aim at developing creative thinking among the participants.

Dr. Hasasneh also pointed out that the Summer camp shall be held annually at Hebron University, and that the Camp is the first level on the way of developing the participants in the future into several levels within the Small Scientist Program which includes several categories such as the small chemist, the small physicist, the small biologist, the small mathematician, the small programmer, the small pharmacist, the small nurse and many other categories.

It is worth mentioning that there will an opportunity next year, God willing, for receiving new excellent students within the activities of the camp. Opportunity will be given to students who participated this year to join the Small Scientist Program within different scientific and literary specializations to develop the capacities and skills of creative students and according to their scientific inclinations and desires. Specialists from the University will supervise these students.

The celebration was interspersed by several scientific and literary activities which were acquired by the participating students during the Summer Camp period. At the end of the celebration, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the training teachers and certificates of participation to the students.