Hebron University Hosts the Seventh Meeting of the Deans of Scientific Research at Palestinian Universities

The seventh meeting of the deans of scientific research in the homeland with its two parts  : the West bank and the Gaza Strip was held at Hebron University. Communication with the Gaza universities was done through videoconference. The meeting was attended by  Prof. Dr. Kareem Tahboub  advisor of the Minister of Higher Education for  scientific research affairs, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abu-Samrah chairman of the Palestinian National Committee for Communicating with the International Agency for Energy, Prof. Dr. Hikmet Hilal  dean of scientific research at Al-Najah national university, Prof. Dr. Henry Jaqaman  dean of  scientific research at bir Zeit University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rafiq Hamdan dean of scientific research at the Arab-American University in Jenin, Dr. Sameer Khader dean of scientific research  in Palestine Polytechnic University, Dr. Yousef  Najajreh  dean of scientific research at  Al-Quds University, Dr. Mazin Salman  dean of scientific research at Khadhouri University/Tulkarem and Dr. Rawhi Tharwat dean of scientific research at  the Al-Isteqlal University. From   the universities  in  the Gaza Strip, the Meeting was attended by  Prof. Dr. talib Abu-Sha’arah dean of scientific research at the Islamic University, Prof. Dr. Abdul-Raheem ‘Ashour  dean of scientific research at Al-Aqsa University and , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Sultan  dean of scientific research at Al-Azhar  University. The audience were received by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh President of Hebron University, Dr. bassam Al-Manasreh  Academic Vice President, Mr. Muhammad Ziyad al-Ja’abari Administrative Vice President, Dr. Amjad Shihab Public Relations  official and Dr. Ahmad ‘Ayyad representative of Hebron University in the  meeting.

Prof Dr. ‘Arawneh welcomed the audience. He emphasized the importance of scientific  research  to upgrade the society. He talked about the difficulties facing the researchers in local and Arab universities such as the  scant resources and potentials. ‘Atawneh wished  arriving at recommendations  which serve  the scientific progress for the Palestinian people. On his part, Dr. Al-Manasreh  welcomed the audience and he praised  the Presidential decision  of ratifying  a budget of  20 million sheqels every year to support scientific research. In the meeting chaired by Dr. Ahmad ‘Ayyad  the following axes were focused on:

Establishing the Palestinian National Committee for communicating with the International Agency for Energy whereby Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abu-Samrah from Al-Quds University the chairman of the Committee  acquainted the audience with the work  of the Committee and he asked the Palestinian universities to offer candidates   or representatives for each university  who are specialized in order to become permanent members in the Committee.

Recent  developments  of  research days/evaluating the participation: Dr. Sameer  Khadher presented  a summary of  the recent developments of the research days and the necessity of participation by the universities in these days.

Ways and methods  of connecting research  centers at Palestinian  universities with  the local industry  and their role in offering incentive  for scientific research.

The ethics of scientific research: Prof. Dr. Henry Jaqaman  presented  a proposal for the instructions of  ethics  of scientific research. Prof. Dr. Kareem Tahboub  representative of the Ministry emphasized  the necessity of making a unified system for the Palestinian universities.

Scientific Research Council (Bases and the System): Prof. Dr. Kareem talked about  forming the Council and that work is in progress  to put  a system for the Council  which has been decided on to establish.

The foundation meeting  for the Palestinian Nanotechnology Society: Prof. Dr. Hikmat  submitted invitation for attending the foundation meeting of the Society in which  specialized members  from the universities will be chosen.

Putting the bases of submitting and evaluating  research projects  presented by the Palestinian universities to the Ministry for financial support.