Hebron University Wins All Places in the National Contest on Simulated Trials in the Human Internal Law

Hebron University Wins All Places in the National Contest on Simulated Trials in the Human Internal Law


Hebron University team  participating  in the contest of  the national simulated trial  in  the human international law  which was held in the city of Ramallah  in 1 July 2013 won.  The participating team got all the places  around which there was competition and they were three :”The best  team in  simulated trials in the human international law”,”The best oral delivery  for the attorney general”  and “The best  oral delivery for the  defense lawyer.”  A  hypothetical case was used  which included  violations of the war law , the international penal law and the human rights law, and this case  is related to the Palestinian condition.

Law students from  all Palestinian universities which are  Al-Isteqlal University (Jericho), Al-Quds University (Abu-Dees), Palestinian National University (Bethlehem), the Arab-American University (Jenin), in addition to Hebron University participated in the contest. Hebron University team included  four  students from  the Jurisprudence  and Law Department and they were: Sarah Ab-Hadeed, Du’aa’  Ighnaimat, Bayan Da’ana and Suhaib Al-Turk. Dr. Ahmad Al-Suweity , chairman of the Jurisprudence and Law Department at Hebron University  supervised the training and  the oral  pleadings.  The team was trained in  the human international law  , human rights law and  the internal penal law  by Dr. Mu’ataz Qaffeesheh , professor of international law and director of the Law Clinic at Hebron University. Mr. Hindam Al-Rujoub  legal researcher at the Law Clinic coordinated  the contest.

This contest  which is considered one of the means for  practical legal teaching comes  with the aim of developing the studying of the human international law among law students at Palestinian universities in an interactive  way and  developing their capacities in the domain of  oral pleading  and legal formulation in preparation for practicing the profession  upon graduation. The contest was implemented as  a part  of the work of  United Nations Development Program . It was administered  by the Center  of the Human Internatl Law  and Human Rights at Al-Quds University. Some of the winners  will participate in the international  contest which will be held in the city of Geneva, Switzerland  at a later time.

A group of official personalities  attended the contest including  the Palestinian Minister of Culture Dr. Anwar Abu-‘Aisha, a representative from the  chairman of  the Supreme Judicial Council  judge Fareed Al-Jallad, a representative  from the office of the Attorney General and representative  from  the Red Cross.

At the end of the contest, certificates were distributed among the winning  teams and  certificates of appreciation  among the participating students.