Hebron University Hosts a Delegation from Dar Al-‘Uloum Al-Islamiyyeh School in London

Hebron University Hosts a Delegation from Dar Al-‘Uloum Al-Islamiyyeh School in London


Hebron University hosted a delegation from Dar Al-‘Uloum Al-Islamiyyeh School  in  London which included  the School principal Dr.  Mustafa Mousa , his deputy Mr. Yousef ‘Umar and a member of the teaching staff at the School Mr. Adam Besel.

The President of the University  Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh  received them. He welcomed  them and gave a detailed explanation  about  the stages of the development  of the University  and the challenges and difficulties  facing it. He also talked about future  development plans.

The audience talked about  the possibility of cooperation between  the University and Dar Al-‘Uloum  Al-Islamiyyeh School  through student exchange and exchanging visits  within multiple exchange programs.

The President emphasized  that the University is in the process  of preparing programs with the help of Dr. Hani Al-Sa’eed from the  faculty of Al-Sharee’a and the Department of Public relations  to host students  from the School  within programs in  the faculties of Al-Sharee’a, Arts and Science and technology. The University is working on hosting  foreign students  to exchange culture by means of  mixing with the students of the University  and the Palestinian society in general.

The delegation made a tour of the University to get acquainted with  its different facilities. The audience expressed their admiration  of the academic and construction development which the University reached. They wished the University more  progress and prosperity  in serving  the local and international society.

It is worth mentioning  that the Dar Al-‘Uloum Al-Islamiyyeh School is situated in Greater London . It was established in  1988. It is one of  the most important old  Islamic schools in the United kingdom  and the oldest school in  London.  The School works on acquainting others  with the rulings of  the Islamic Sharee’a  and its  benevolent   teachings which call for peace.