Discussing an MA Thesis from the Applied Linguistics Program at Hebron University

The MA thesis of student Nadera Gheith form the College of Graduate Studies , the Applied linguistics Program and the Teaching of English entitled” The Performance of the Arab Minority Students in the Israeli Psychometry Examination: Possible Dimensions for Cultural Bias,” was discussed. The thesis  dealt with the topic of cultural bias in the Israeli Psychometric Examination  from which Arab students  suffer  and it leads to poor performance in the Examination and subsequently  the inability of these students to enroll at Israeli universities like their Israeli peers. The  results of the study recommended  the necessity  of dealing  with equality with  the Palestinian students of the 1948  specially in the admission policy to enable them to join the universities.

The discussion committee consisted of Dr. Raghad Duwaik supervisor and chair, Dr. Ibrahin Al-Sha’er  external examiner and Dr. hanna Tushyeh internal examiner.