Hebron University Opens a Series Of Workshops On Classroom Management, Teaching Methods and Using technology In Teaching

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh President of Hebron University, the Academic Vice President Dr. Bassam Al-manasreh in cooperation with the British Council opened a series of workshops on  teaching English, classroom management and using technology in teaching  from 20/5/2013 till 29/5/2013.

At the opening session, the chairman of the English Department Dr. Mohamed Farrah welcomed the participants. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Atawneh gave a speech of  welcoming  in which he thanked the British Council  and trainer Julietta Shonman for these workshops and wished  the participants attending scientific , useful and interesting workshops. The first workshop dealt with  training the teachers  in practical topics on teaching English and classroom management including the roles of the etacher and the students, error correction and feedback . The workshop continued till Thirsday 23/5/2013 with 20  training hours. Twenty-five trainees from the English language department, the language center , MA students and seven teachers from Palestine Polytechnic University participated in this workshop.

The second workshop was held on Saturday 25/5/2013  in the Center of Excellence on using technology in teaching English. Teachers from the English  department and 20 MA and BA students attended this workshop.

The tird workshop was for fourth year students. It lasted five days (Saturday 25/5/2013 till Wednesday 29/5/2013) on classroom management and  teachinh methods. Twenty-five male and female students attended these workshops. These workshops were coordinated by  teacher basem Al-Saheb and  teacher Abdul-Kareem Haddad. Trainer Julietta Shonman from the British Council and teacher Ahmad Suleiman from the Language Center at Hebron University gave the training.