Hebron University held Comedy Club's finals event

Hebron University held Comedy Club's finals event which comes after a tour through 4 Palestinian universities. The tour commenced in March of this year encompassing Bethlehem University, Hebron University, AlNajah University, and Birzeit University.

 The Comedy Club is made up of a group of comedians who tour around Palestinian universities in search for talented students, consequently giving them the opportunity to showcase these comedic talents. Presenting the show and evaluating the contestants is a judge panel made up of the comedians abd-Alfattah Al-'iyase from Hebron, Muhammed Al-Jabareen from Nazareth, and Muhammed Zahran as the host.

"Hebron University was chosen for the finals show because of its large audience and great cooperation from its management to insure the event's success." said the Club's coordinator Muhammed Al-Halman.

He added that "the Club's goal is to enhance young Palestinian talent and to present it in the world of showbiz, as well as social and entertainment purposes."

The show gathered a large audience of students who expressed their excitement at having such events on their campus.