HU Hosts 2017 First US National Teacher of the Year

HU President, Dr. Salah Zaro, received in his office on Wednesday the 2017 top USNational Teacher of the Year, Sydney Chaffee. During the meeting, Chaffee talked briefly about her philosophy in education and method of nomination and selection as the year's top teacher. The American humanities teacher, who was accompanied by Ms Jennifer Palmer the Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer ofthe American Consulate General in Jerusalem, gave a stimulating and outstanding lecture to a number of HU Department of English Language and Literature (DELL)senior undergraduate and graduate students. Chaffee believes that teachers and students should be encouraged to take risks to improve the learning process and outcomes. She also believes that education must be authentic, and it can be a transformative tool for social justice. She encourages her students to see themselves as having the power to make change in the world based on lessons from the past.

The meeting with HU President and the lecture were attended by HU Dean of the College of Arts, DELL's Chairperson, and a number of DELL's professors.