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Lecture about methods of statistical sampling

Lecture about methods of statistical sampling

In the presence of the Dean of the College of Science and Technology (CST), its faculty members and students, Hebron University CST hosted Mr. Rabah Al-Jamal, the ActingDirector of the Sampling Department and Mr. Tawfiq Nassar, Director of Field SurveysDepartment, south of the West Bank of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics(PCBS) to talk about the methods of statistical sampling.

At the beginning the meeting, CST Dean, Dr. Nabil Hasasnehwelcomed thedistinguished guests and stressed the importance of such meetings and lectures for CSTstudents as they combine theory and practice and give the opportunity for the students to improve their scientific knowledge and practical skills needed in the field of statistical analysis.

Mr. Rabah Al-Jamal gave a lecture about the methods of collecting statistical samples in general and those used by the PCBS in particular, providing some real life observations and examples from the Palestinian community.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this lecture targeted all students who are currently enrolled in the various courses of statistics which are supervised in this semester by Dr.'Inad Al-Nawja'h from the Department of Mathematics.