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HU Alumni Unit Holds Workshop on Translation and Academic Writing

HU Alumni Unit holds workshop on translation and academic writing

Hebron University Alumni Unit, in cooperation with Excellence Center for Training, organized a workshop about translation and academic writing.

The workshop, which lasted for two consecutive days, was attended by 25 HU students and graduates who have good skills in English, and the training was provided in English by international trainers.

Coordinator of activities in the Center, Osama Abu Hussein, thanked HUAU for organizing such workshops that would develop students' skills in English language, which is now a basic requirement for any job.

Hadeel Qaimari, HUAU coordinator said that the workshop came within a series of workshops organized by HUAU each semester in order to help students and graduates to gain skills and experience necessary to qualify them for the labor market. Such workshops include deferent topics covering all aspects which graduates need to develop their skills and reach a level of knowledge which qualifies them to practically move forward in their careers.

The participants expressed their happiness for the content and the method of the workshop, hoping to have more similar workshops as they greatly benefit the graduates in their future careers.