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HU College of Sharia Professor Appointed as Member of Palestine’s House for Fatwa


Based on a Presidential Decree, the Chairperson of the Department of Fiqh and Legislation of the Hebron University College of Sharia Dr. Luay Al-Ghazzawi was chosen to serve in Dar al-Iftaa' al-Falastinyya as a member ofthe Supreme Council for Fatwa, Islamic legal opinion, in its eighth session. Dar al-Iftaa' al-Falastinyya, Palestine's House for Fatwa, is the highest religious authority for giving Islamic legal opinions in Palestine.

It is worth mentioning that this legal body was established by a presidential decree on 16 October 1994. The body mainly seeks to answer people's religious questions about various aspects of life and to clarify legal provisions related to acts of worships, transactions, ethics, faith,and the like.