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We invite you to apply for a fun and stimulating educational experience!
A great opportunity to learn and improve your Arabic conversation (Palestinian dialect) AND to learn about the Palestinian culture.
Intensive Arabic Language classes, 20 hours topics include: grammar, vocabulary, social decorum, music, and day-to-day conversations

Talks and discussions on local culture, politics, history, and agriculture with experts
Learn about, and try your hand at cooking popular traditional local dishes, various local handicrafts, and 'Dabkeh' classes; 20 hours
Guided tours are included in the price of the 2 week course (tours may change without prior notice); 10 hours.  Examples of possible tours are:
  1. Jerusalem-Old City and historic sites
  2. Dead Sea-Jericho-Wadi Qelt (or vice versa)
  3. Walking tours Bethlehem (Church of Nativity, Milk Grotto) and Hebron (Old City, Abraham Oak); Trips to local communities
Fridays are free to travel the country; we can advise and/or facilitate transportation/guides etc.
We are able to arrange for small groups to go to local homes for supper (3-4 students per home)
Sharing in a double room with bathroom (if single room is required please contact organizers)
Free wi-fi; laundry
Your arrival destination is Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv. We will provide transfers to and from the airport. Please send details of your flight, date and time of arrival.
Dates Deadline for registration
20th of June – 4th of July 6th of June
8th of July – 22nd of July 24th of June
22nd of July – 5th of August 8th of July
5th of August – 19th of August 22nd of July
Fees: Total cost for a two week course = $1,650 (Note:  There is a 15% discount off of tuition for registering for additional courses).
Course fee (excluding flights, registration, visa and insurance) = $1500
Course costs cover: Tuition, 2 guided tours and sharing a double room with breakfast; transfer to and from Tel Aviv airport; use of Hebron University gym, sauna and swimming pool
Pre course registration- $150 (to be paid at least one month in advance. 50% refund up to 21 days before start of course only). Please send scanned copy of your bank transfer, marked AFL  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Note: If we do not have a minimum number of students the course will not be held and your registration fee will be refunded in full.

Certificate- issued upon completing the course.

About Hebron and Hebron University:
Hebron (known locally as 'al-khalil') is located in the West Bank of Palestine, 30km south of Jerusalem, with a population of approximately 250,000. Hebron is home to the tomb of Abraham - the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam - making it an important, historical pilgrimage site for all Abrahamic faiths. The city's importance throughout the last three millennia is well recorded in many religious and historical texts, and can be seen in many of the city's archeological sites. Its continued significance is reflected in current Israeli attempts to force the Palestinian population out of Hebron's historical center. In 2017 UNESCO added the old city and mosque to the  world heritage sites list.

Hebron University was founded by Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Ja'abari in 1971.  First established was the College of Islamic Law with an intake of 43 students. As of 2018, the University boasts 12 Colleges and approximately 8,000 students - 75% of whom are female. Hebron University aims to promote excellence in its faculty, staff and students while also contributing to the development of the cultural, social and economic status of Palestinian society.
Contact info for details, queries or to apply: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Tel. +972/+970 2 2220995 ext. 278 / 284

Bank details: 

Arab Bank PLC, a/c Hebron University
Bank #49, Branch # 858
Account #: 9040/753555/510
SWIFT code: Arab PS 22040
Bank Address: PO Box 601, Al Salam Street, Hebron, Palestine