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Hebron University Students Affairs

The Student Affairs Department is one of the most dynamic departments at the Hebron University, where the extracurricular creativity of the students is facilitated. The Department is available for the benefit of students from the moment they enter the Hebron University. It nurtures him or her just as one does a tender plant. It helps the student to refine all aspects of his or her personality and develop his or her talents in a manner that enriches his or her life as a University student.

Hebron University considers the student to be the axis of the educational and academic process and the ultimate reason for the Hebron University's existence. Thus, the Hebron University was careful at its inception to found the Deanship/Bureau of Students Affairs, in order to take care of the student, help solve his or her problems and develop his or her potential. In this way, each student's cultural and academic knowledge is melted in the crucible of integrated personality.

The Student Affairs Department consists of four offices:

  • Sports Center
  • Student Services Office
  • Culture and Art Office
  • Social Supervision Office
  • Cooperative Work (Community Service) Office

Culture and Arts Center:

This office is responsible for supervising the student activities. It has established the Students Council in accordance with well-studied scientific principles. The Council contributes to ensuring that the Hebron University's philosophy and mission is reflected in student activities and by the committees in the academic departments and faculties. The duties of this office are the following:

  • Guidance and care for students
  • Conducting cultural competitions to develop student talent in the literary, scientific and cultural spheres
  • Organizing art exhibitions and offering specialized courses in the various arts
  • Assisting with a Hebron University theatre band, and activities related to popular folklore and Dabkah
  • Establishing special facilities for student hobbies and activities
  • Holding symposia and lectures, in addition to participating in religious and national events
  • The Student Affairs Department serves the students of the Hebron University and organizes extracurricular activities. It also supervises student activities via the Student Council and the various clubs and committees. Further, it provides all the means and facilities necessary to guarantee the success of these activities.

Student Services Center:
The function of this office is to provide assistance and services to the students with the aim of saving their time and effort. Among the duties of the office are the following:

  • Issuing student ID's and renewing them at the beginning of every semester.
  • Keeping records of the student and issuing certificates of good conduct .
  • Providing services related to loans and grants--it receives applications from students and passes them on to a special committee.
  • Signing clearance certificates.
  • Studying the quality of the services provided to the students and submitting proposals for improving them.
  • Handling lost and found.
  • Contributing to solving students' problems on campus.
Download this file (students-affier-flyer.pdf)Students Affairs Flyer[ ]