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Erasmus+ Projects

Hebron University Erasmus Plus Office and International Projects:

Ahmad Ghayyada, Coordinator
Tel.: +97022220995 - Ext. 278
Mobile: +970568906613
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PIC number:  934961758

HiCure Project


The HiCure project will develop, Health Informatics, as integrated pathways within the undergraduate degrees of both the information technology and health-oriented programmes. The development of health informatics skills integrated within the existing degrees will ensure to produce students with well qualified skills strongly based on solid grounding within their educational background, as well as meeting their intended educational learning outcomes. Students, who choose not to take specifically the developed pathways will still study commonly grounded health informatics skills achieved through a set of common courses. These skills will be essential to solidify the deeper understanding of the value and importance of health informatics not only to their specialty, but also to their work and practice. Students will eventually promote the uptake and implementation of health information systems to become essential part of their profession as mechanisms to improve the quality of healthcare by both the health qualified or computing qualified graduates, to advance the health domain towards evidence-based practice.



  •  BIRZEIT University                                         
  • EAI-Atlantica University    
  • Hebron University                                         
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology  
  • Hashemite University                                 
  • CUFR Jean-François Champollion-Albi University



is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Higher Education Capacity Building project funded by the European Commission.  The project team is formed from a collaborative partnership among six universities, three from Europe and three from Palestine, who believe strongly in the power of education and innovation to transform lives.  The three European Universities are Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), which is the main lead of the project, Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (FU) and the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). These universities work closely with Palestinian partners Al-Azhar University in the Gaza Strip, Birzeit University and Hebron University in the West Bank. 

The overall aim is to develop innovative BA Primary Education degree programmes in the three Palestinian universities. A unique feature of the programmes is that they will be the first in Palestine to provide opportunities for students to follow specialist pathways in diversity, inclusion and special education needs or technology enhanced learning teaching and assessment.

The Project also focuses upon nurturing skills in higher education teaching methods and developing practice-based research for academic staff in the Palestinian universities.

The degree programmes will be further enhanced by the establishment of Technology Enhanced Learning Environments which comprise state of the art Smart Learning Rooms, as well as personal online learning spaces. These developments will facilitate innovation in teaching while providing students with greater autonomy in the learning process. These innovations will transform learning, teaching and assessment in the degree programmes.


  • Canterbury Christ Church University 
  • Hebron University 
  • Fontys University 
  • University of Eastern Finland 
  • Al-Azhar University-Gaza 
  • Birzeit University