Three Projects from Hebron University Qualify For the Final Stage in the Sheikh Zayid Contest of IT

Three projects from the Computer Department at Hebron University qualified for the final stage for the Zayid contest  of information technology. Twenty-five projects were chosen for the final stage from among hundreds of projects presented at the level of the Arab world. Hebron University was fortunate in having three projects from the twenty-five qualified projects.

It  is worth mentioning that the Zayid University Contest for Information Technology is a contest on the level of the Arab world. The final celebration will be held on 28 April 2011 in Abu-Dhabi in which the winning projects in the first three ranks will be announced.

The projects from Hebron University which qualified are as follows:

First: The project of controlling the computer by using the mobile telephone:

Three students from the Computer Center at Hebron University designed a program which enables the user to control his computer by using his mobile telephone. The three students benefited from the Plutoth technology available in both the computer and the mobile technology. The final product of the project consists of a two-sided project: the first side is attached on the mobile telephone and the other side is attached on the computer. By completing the  installing process, the user becomes able to do many effective and useful tasks on his personal computer., such as browsing files, operating the programs, controlling the displays of chips and media operators, controlling the cursor of the mouse and its tasks, reworking the computer or stopping it. In addition to the forementioned, the program was provided with a mechanism for locking the computer and preserving the privacy of  data whereby the computer is locked by a protection symbol form a mobile telephone, and the lock cannot be removed except by entering  the correct protection symbol and from the same mobile telephone which was previously used in the locking process. The project was done by Ihab Asafreh, Rateb Al-Dabouqi and ‘Uhoud Qa’qour inder the supervision of Dr. Nabil Hasasneh.

Second: Electronic Election System for the Students Senate at the Universities:

The idea of the project is based on developing a general computerized system to enable the students and the administration which supervises the election process of the students senates at Palestinian universities to elect students senates from inside and outside the universities walls. The system aims at facilitating the election process for the students as well as the university administration. The system aims to facilitate the election process for the student and also to save the big effort shouldered by the administration of the universities in managing the election process. A computerized mechanism was put for managing the election process which guarantees conducting the process with high efficiency, and which complies with the university orientations  towards computerizing all its activities. This guarantees  offering high quality services  for all participants in the teaching process from inside and outside the university. The project was conducted by Nuha  Al-Zughayyar, Safaa’ Saya’reh and Alaa’ Handan with the supervision of  Instructor Tareq Al-Tamimi.

Third: The Treatment and Diagnosis of Cardiography through the Internet: This project  included building a computerized system in order to treat and diagnose cardiographic pictures through the Internet. The project included developing a data base from a large number of cardiography pictures with the help of a  physician specializing in heart diseases. The user through this system can upload the cardiography picture of the patient through the internet and then ordering the system to treat the picture and to diagnose the disease. In this project, a number of advanced and modern technologies were used, and these technologies were tied to each other in an  effective way by treating and diagnosing the pictures in a quick and precise way. This project was supervised by Dr. Salman Al-Talahmeh.

It is worth mentioning that the Computer Department at Hebron University  is much interested in distinguished senior seminar  projects which aim at serving the local and the  regional society through innovating creative ideas and practical solutions for various issues in the domains of information and communications technologies.