AUC Professor and the US Regional English Language Officer in Amman visit Hebron University

During the conference for excellence at the AUC, Professor Ahmad Atawneh met Professor Williams, the chair of the MA program in Applied Linguistics and invited him to visit Hebron University for cooperation between the two universities. The visit was organized with the help of the US consulate and was supported from the President of the AUC.

Professor Williams arrived at Hebron University and met with Dr. Bassam Manasrah the Academic Vice President. Later, he joined Dr. Ruth and Ms. Mai Barghuthi at the English department in a meeting attended by Dr. Salah Shrouf the Dean of Arts, Dr. Adel Atawneh, Dr. Hannah Tushiyyeh, Dr. Raghad Dwaik and Dr. Hazem Bader.

The discussion was about cooperation between the AUC and Hebron University in relation to the academic plans and writing the MA dissertations. Professor Williams later presented the AUC plan for the MA in writing dissertations which was discussed with the faculty members of the English department and was compared with the process and plans of the MA at Hebron University.

After the discussion, it was agreed to hold a conference for presenting the MA research from Palestinians universities and the AUC supported by the US consulate. It was also agreed to have cooperation between the AUC faculty and the English department faculty at Hebron in relation to MA supervision and theses defense. A proposal will be written jointly with the AUC to be presented to the US consulate outlining the plans for the conference and the US fellow who would help MA students in writing their dissertations.

On the following day, Professor Williams gave a lecture to the BA students about languages in danger of extinction in Africa. After which, there was an open discussion guided by Mr. Basim Al-Saheb about culture and university life at the AUC compared to that of Hebron University. Later, Professor Williams gave a lecture to the MA student in the Center for Excellence in Teaching about language acquisition and the procedure of writing MA proposal.

At the end of the visit, Professor Williams met with Dr. Nabil Jabari, the Head of the Board, discussing the cooperation between Hebron University and the AUC both showing the strong support from the administration of both universities for holding conferences and supervising the MA dissertations.